Chemical Objects Workshop a resounding success

October 4—6, 2012

Including the speakers, thirty plus participated in a two and a half day conference (organized by Ursula Klein and Carsten Reinhardt) and sponsored by the Beckman Center, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia.

Between Material Substances and Abstract Ideas: Chemists’ Objects of Inquiry, 18th-21st centuries 

Papers were stimulating and discussions often intense. Aside from the two organizers to whom particular thanks and appreciation is due, special credit must also be given to Ron Brashear and Carin Berkowitz of the Beckman Center whose commitment to the academic nature of the workshop and whose professionalism and hospitality were truly remarkable. How infrequently do contemporary public institutions live up to their theoretical commitment to the furthering of academic pursuits?

Group photo includes many of the participants.

Those attending the workshop included:

Nadia Berenstein (UPenn grad student)
Marco Beretta (speaker)
Carin Berkowitz (CHF)
Charlotte Bigg (speaker)
Mary Ellen Bowden (CHF)
Ronald Brashear (CHF)
David Caruso (CHF)
José A. Chamizo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
John R. R. Christie (speaker)
Shelley Geehr (CHF)
Ari Gross (CHF fellow)
Mathias Grote (speaker)
Ernst Homburg (speaker)
Sarah Hunter-Lascoskie (CHF)
Catherine Jackson (speaker)
Jeremiah James (speaker)
Jeffrey Johnson (Villanova)
Joel Klein (CHF fellow)
Ursula Klein (speaker)
Seymour Mauskopf (speaker)
Peter J. T. Morris (speaker)
Mary Jo Nye (speaker)
Peter Ramberg (speaker)
Carsten Reinhardt (speaker)
Jody Roberts (CHF)
Ann Robinson (PACHS fellow)
Alan Rocke (speaker)
Klaus Ruthenberg (speaker)
Amanda Shields (CHF)
Thomas Steinhauser (speaker)
Adam Toon (speaker)
Brigitte Van Tiggelen (speaker)
James Voelkel (CHF)
Neale Watson (Science History Publications)
Steve Weininger (speaker)

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry