Hoskin_CoverCaroline Herschel: Priestess of the New Heavens by Michael Hoskin, acclaimed historian of science and founding editor of The Journal for the History of Astronomy, provides an in depth look at the remarkable life and times of the pioneering female scientist/astronomer; her many trials and eventual triumph during a fascinating moment in history.

Contents: Prologue,  A Troubled Childhood, The Clash of Wills, The Assistant Astronomer, The Great Campaign, Priestess of the Heavens, I was obliged to exchange my habitation, Repent at Leisure, The Unquiet Heart. Appendices, Index

272 pp., illustrated, gatefold paperback edition
(ISBN 978-0-88135-412-6 ) $44.00

clothbound library edition
(ISBN 978-0-88135-436-2 ) $59.95


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