Networking Europe
Transnational Infrastructures and the Shaping of Europe, 1850–2000
Erik van der Vleuten and Arne Kaijser, editors
November, 2006, vii + 335pp., illustrated, 0-88135-394-9, $47.50

Networking Europe


“The volume resulted from a six-year research effort led by the editors. In his conclusion, van der Vleuten summarizes the essays and helpfully relates their finding to the large-technological system research programme. On balance, the volume points the way for new collaborations between economic, political, cultural, and technological historians.” —Economic History Review, 60, 4 (2007)

Table of Contents

ERIK VAN DER VLEUTEN and ARNE KAIJSER Prologue and Introduction: Transnational Networks and the Shaping of Contemporary Europe PART I GEOPOLITICS AND IDENTITIES IN THE AGE OF RAILS AND TELEGRAPHS ARISTOTLE TYMPAS and IRENE ANASTASIADOU 1. Constructing Balkan Europe: The Modern Greek Pursuit of an “Iron Egnatia” ANA PAULA SILVA and MARIA PAULA DIOGO 2. From Host and Hostage: Portugal, Britain, and the Atlantic Telegraph Networks JUDITH SCHUELER 3. Traveling Towards the “Mountain that has Borne a State”: The Swiss Gotthard Railways PART II ELECTRICITY AND COMPETING VISIONS OF A UNITED EUROPE ALEXANDER GALL 4. Atlantropa: A Technological Vision of a United Europe HELMUT MAIER 5. Systems Connected: IG Auschwitz, Kaprun, and the Building of European Power Grids up to 1945 PART III EUROPE CONNECTED, DISCONNECTED, AND RECONNECTED PÄR BLOMKVIST 6. Roads for Flow—Roads for Peace: Lobbying for a European Highway System LÉONARD LABORIE 7. A Missing Link? Telecommunications Networks and European Integration 1945–1970 GEERT VERBONG 8. Dutch Power Relations: From German Occupation to The French Connection PER HÖGSELIUS 9. Connecting East and West? Electricity Systems in the Baltic Region PART IV REFLECTIONS ON INFRASTRUCTURES ERIK VAN DER VLEUTEN 10. Understanding Network Societies: Two Decades of Large Technical System Studies Notes on Contributors, Index of Names