Æmula Lauri
The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters, 1760 - 2010

Håkon With Andersen, Brita Brenna, Magne Njåstad, and Astrid Wale

August 2009, xvi+400pp., illustrations b/w and color, ISBN 978-0-88135-383-9, $89.95

Æmula Lauri

Det Kongelige Norske VidenskabersSelskab—The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters—was established in 1760 in the city of Trondheim, Norway. This makes it among the oldest of its kind in the Nordic countries and the by far the oldest one in Norway. The present volume celebrates its 250th anniversary and is the first comprehensive study of the history of the Society in English. More than a mere chronicle of its inner life and figureheads it focuses on the intellectual history and historical conjunctures of which the Society has been a part.


“…The authors deliver a chronological account which goes beyond a chronicle and addresses many actual questions of the historiography of science. The book can be recommended to all those interested in Norwegian science, the history  of scientific societies and the relations between centre and periphery.”—Gesnerus 67 (2010)