Aurora Torealis
Studies in the History of Science and Ideas in Honor of Tore Frängsmyr

Marco Beretta, Karl Grandin, and Svante Lindqvist, editors

2008, 320 pp., ilustrated, clothbound and jacketed, ISBN 0-88135-398-1; 978-0-88135-398-3, $49.95

Aurora Torealis

Contributors include:
Tiziana Bascelli, Jean-François Battail, Marco Beretta, Janet Browne, Robert Darnton, Lorraine Daston, Paolo Galluzzi, Karl Grandin, John L. Heilbron, Daniel J. Kevles, Svante Lindqvist, Thorsten Nybom, Mary Jo Nye, Sheldon Rothblatt, Nicolaas A. Rupke, William R. Shea, H. Otto Sibum, and Sven Widmalm.


“…topics from the Enlightenment to horticulture to e-books to Jules Verne, it’s a huge sample of thoughts and ideas, sure to open and expand the minds of any reader who gives it their time…a must for any community library collection dedicated to science and science history.”—Midwest Book Review