Oceanography’s Adventures at the Poles

Keith R. Benson and Helen M. Rozwadowski, editors

2007, xiv+393pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-88135-373-6, $54.95



“…Papers emphasize exploration and history of oceanographic research at the poles from the late 19th century onward, and describe contexts and purposes of polar exploration driving the objectives of individual nations…several papers are particularly good…”—Choice, October 2007

“…Polar science today is subject to some of the same national and cultural forces that have shaped polar activities in the past. At such a juncture it is critical that scientists are joined by historians so that in seeing where we have been we will better understand the challenges of where we now stand. This volume makes a significant contrition to that end.”—Bulletin of the Pacific Circle, October 2007

“Scientists exploring the polar regions have long recognized the region’s importance in the scheme of human history, and here to survey that importance is a scientific and historical overview of how scientific investigations of the poles have influenced world culture, politics, and decision-making processes. While EXTREMES could’ve been featured in our Science section, it’s reviewed here for its wider interest to any college-level collection strong in either oceanography or world history: its historical background on the poles shouldn’t be missed.” Midwest Book Review

Table of Contents

Keith R. Benson and Helen M. Rozwadowski


Michael Reidy

Reconsidering the Theory of the Open Polar Sea
Michael F. Robinson

Significant, But Faded in Oblivion: The Norwegian Vøringen-expedition, 1876–1878
Vera Schwach

Diverging Currents: Depicting Southern Ocean Currents in the Early 20thCentury
Cornelia Lüdecke

Creating a Global Ocean Conveyor: George Deacon and The Hydrology of The Southern Ocean.
Eric L. Mills

Edward “Iceberg” Smith and the Changing Character of American Arctic Oceanography
Ronald Rainger

The Early Cold War and U.S. Arctic Research
Fae L. Korsmo

Mastery of Landscapes and Seascapes: Science at the Strategic Poles during the International Geophysical Year
Jacob Darwin Hamblin

Antarctica Beneath the Ice: Marine Botany in the Polar Region
Peter Neushul

Multi-national, but Not International: The Marginal Ice Zone Experiments (MIZEX) 1983/84/87
Walter Lenz

China Goes to the Poles: Nationalism and Internationalism in Chinese Polar Oceanography
Zuoyue Wang

Arctic Sea Ice, Oceanography, and Climate Models
Mott T.  Greene

Bibliography on the History of Arctic Marine Science of the 20th Century
Deborah Day

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