The Flower of Remedies Against the Toothache, 1621
Facsimile Edition Translated from the French by Jaques R. Fouré

Edited by Milton B. Asbell

1996, x+44pp, ISBN 0-88135-174-1, $25

The Flower of Remedies Against the Toothache, 1621


“When the very first book on dentistry in France finally appears in an English translation, it is indeed occasion for rejoicing. For this publication has expanded our knowledge of what European dentistry was like three centuries ago. It also gives us better insight into the sources from which American dentistry sprang as well as the extent to which we are indebted to early French practitioners… Pierre Fauchard… is rightly referred to as the Father of Modern Dentistry… However, it is generally-and erroneously-believed that prior to Fauchard, any dentistry that was done was handled only by traveling mountebanks, charlatans and quacks. This book, “The Flower of Remedies,” now puts that belief to rest…The book is a gem and one that belongs in every collection of books relating to the history of the dental profession. – JADA

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