Hall Jackson and the Purple Foxglove
Medical Practice and Research in Revolutionary America, 1760 - 1820

J. Worth Estes

1979, xvi + 291 pp. ISBN 0-88135-173-9, $20.00

Hall Jackson and the Purple Foxglove


“This is a well-documented and fascinating account of the man responsible for introducing the use of digitalis into America.” The Pharos

“Merits high praise for his rewarding study of a significant figure in American medical history.” AHR

“Estes sets Jackson’s foxglove contribution within an intriguing array of broader themes that will interest both the specialist in medical history and the general historian.” Jrl of Southern History

“Seldom is the medical reader treated, as here, to a book that may help him to discover how a historical/clinical approach may add depth and perspective to contemporary medical knowledge.” BMJ