The History of Tropical Neurology
Nutritional Disorders

George W. Bruyn and Charles M. Poser

2003, xii + 144 pp., large format, 135 illustrations, paperback, ISBN 0-88135-281-0, $24.95

The History of Tropical Neurology

“…All but one of the six conditions to be discussed in this book were once common in what has now come to be designated as developed countries, the Western world. They are diseases that reflect the ravages of poverty, ignorance, famine, superstition and bigotry, but the resolution of their mystery and the development of preventive and curative measures are witnesses to the success of the efforts of physicians, enlightened politicians, and scientists in many disciplines and in many countries.”

From the Preface


“…primarily an entertaining and scholarly work on specific nutritional disorders, and would probably appeal to neurologists, other physicians, and laboratory researchers. Despite the short length of the book, the page size is large, and there are many portraits of the pioneers of the subject that add a nice, personal touch…I am delighted to own a copy of this fascinating book and the authors are to be congratulated on producing such an original piece of work.” —THE LANCET Neurology