Institutions in the Transport and Communications Industries
State and Private Actors in the Making of Institutional Patterns 1850-1990

Lena Andersson-Skog & Olle Krantz, eds.

April 1999, 359pp., Illus., ISBN 0-88135-201-2, LC 98-27714, approx. $49.95

Institutions in the Transport and Communications Industries


“…a valuable contribution to the growing literature on the transportation industry and its political economy, well worth the attention of business historians whose interests lie in these areas.” Enterprise & Society

Table of Contents

Bureaucracy and the Railway in Germany and Japan
Frank Ben Tipton, Martin Braach-Maksvytis, and Susan Newell

Corporate Democracy: Stockholder Voting Rights in Nineteenth-Century American and Prussian Railroad Corporations
Colleen A. Dunlavy

The Prussian and Dutch Railway Regulations in the Nineteenth Century
Rainer Fremdling

Sky Wars: Conflicting Approaches to Air Transport Regulation in Europe and the United States, 1920–1990
Peter J. Lyth

The Regulation of Britain’s Railways: Past, Present, and Future
Terry R. Gourvish

Railway Nationalization in the United Kingdom
Gerald W. Crompton

Government Regulation in the British Shipping Industry, 1830–1913: The Role of the Coastal Sector
John Armstrong

Steamship Companies in Industrializing Germany: A Contribution to a Sectoral Analysis of the German Inland Shipping Industry during the Nineteenth Century
Andreas Kunz

Motor Cars and Railways in Interwar Spain: Regulation vis à vis Deregulation
Antonio Gómez-Mendoza

The Helping Hand: In Search of a Swedish Institutional Regime for Infrastructural Systems
Arne Kaijser

Political Economy and Institutional Diffusion. The Case of Swedish Railways and Telecommunications up to 1950
Lena Andersson-Skog

The Making of a Scandinavian Airline Company: Private Actors and Public Interests
Jan Ottosson

Institutional Rigidity and Economic Change: A Comparison between Swedish Transport Subsidies
Thomas Pettersson

Is and Ought in Swedish Traffic Planning
Gunnar Falkemark