Issues in Community Mental Health: Respecting Diversity
Treatment in the Context of Family and Culture

Steven J. Friedman and Robert S. Olko, editors

1998, iv+138pp, ISBN 0-88135-200-4 $8.95

Issues in Community Mental Health: Respecting Diversity

Table of Contents

Steven J. Friedman

Robert S. Olko

The History of Family Therapy as a Directive for Practitioners
Salvador Minuchin

Central City Families
Jeanne Spurlock

Stress Management in Urban Children Exposed to Violence: 
Using Art as a Therapeutic Modality
Ian A. Canino

Getting Me On Your Team:
Building Partnerships with Families
Trina W. Osher

Family-Focused Treatment with Alcohol Abusers and Other Substance Abusers:
A Cultural Perspective
Cheryl Davenport Dozier

Ethnocultural Considerations in the Assessment and Treatment of Black Patients of African Descent 
Richard G. Dudley, Jr.

What Do Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Services Mean?
The Case of Hispanics
Lloyd H. Rogler
Robert G. Malgady
Giuseppe Costantino
Rena Blumenthal

Latinos in the United States:
Considerations for Culturally Sensitive Practice
Doris Capello

Treating Chinese Patients 
James C.–Y. Chou
Anthony T. Ng

Notes on Contributors