Making the Modern Medical School
The Wisconsin Stories

Robert Oliver

April 15, 2002, xii+156 pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-88135-362-0, $24.95

Making the Modern Medical School


“…a collection of true stories about the evolution of medical instructional facilities in Wisconsin. From faculty disputes to advances in medical science. The anecdotal stores and slices of ‘insider’ history…simply fascinating, and highly recommended for anyone who wants to know the real story behind what happens in Wisconsin¹s medical school environment in order to teach young men and women how to save lives.” Midwest Book Review

“…I found his style most comfortable when he got into the swing of historical descriptive writing, and was soon enjoying his graphic picture of the midwest of the United States 150 years ago, outlining the healthcare options for 19th century Americans. It is a carefully researched work, with footnotes detailing the sources of evidence. The central characters in the medical school’s history are depicted verbally and in archive photographs…” BMJ (read the complete review)

Table of Contents

A Difficult Delivery
Contentious Interludes
A Palace of Healing
The War of the Dean’s Succession
The Center Does Not Hold
That is Why We Succeed