The Medical Skills of Ancient Egypt
Revised Edition

J. Worth Estes

1993, xii + 196 pp. , rev. ed. ISBN 0-88135-178-4 $15.95 (paperbound)

The Medical Skills of Ancient Egypt


“Readers of Estes’ book will find before them a correct, instructive, and up-to-date scholarly description of a memorable era in the history of human achievement…” NEJM

“What is most fascinating about this book is how much the reader learns about ancient Egypt in reading about their healers and their medical and surgical problems…Estes has admirably succeeded in telling us the story of life and disease in ancient Egypt.” The Pharos

“Estes went to Egypt to acquaint himself firsthand with the remnants of that ancient civilization, and his affection for his topic appears throughout the book. It is somewhat different than the standard histories of Egyptian medicine and really might better be described as an account of ancient Egypt as seen through the eyes of a person interested in all aspects of the human condition that effect health and well-being…It is also written so that both the non-Egyptologist and the nonmedical specialist can understand it.” Bul. Hist. Med