Memoirs on Paris Hospitals

Jacques Tenon

1996, xxxiii+407pp, Illus., ISBN 0-88135-074-5 L/C 91-14970, $39.95

Memoirs on Paris Hospitals


“Memoirs on Paris Hospitals introduces the English-speaking reader to Jacques Tenon’s classic text of the French Enlightenment and the basic reference work for hospital reformers and architects in France for over half a century…..written in a style appealing to the non-specialist general reader. This excellent edition by Dora B. Weiner strives to transmit the style and tone of a French masterwork dating from an age that raised fundamental issues still relevant for our times as we struggle with our own health care systems and hospital reforms.” The Midwest Book Review

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Memoirs On Paris Hospitals is the seventeenth volume in the series RESOURCES IN MEDICAL HISTORY (ISSN 1044-9477) titles selected in collaboration with the America Association for the History of Medicine and funded under the Special Foreign Currency Program of the International Programs Branch of the National Library of Medicine. The series includes reprints and translations generally unavailable elsewhere.


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