Museums of Modern Science

Svante Lindqvist, editor
Marika Hedin, Ulf Larsson, associate editors

2000, 216 pages, illustrated, paperback edition $24.95 (ISBN 0-88135-299-3)

Museums of Modern Science


“This well-produced, well-illustrated volume is a very suitable contribution to the debate over exhibiting science, and I recommend it to anyone interested in the topic.” Marc Rothenberg, Isis

Table of Contents

The Issues: How to Explain Modern Science
and How to Reach the Indifferent.

Museums in the New Millennium
Neil Cossons

Communication of Science in the Deutsches Museum:
In Search of the Right Formula”
Wolf Peter Fehlhammer

The Musée des Arts et Métiers: Renovation Issues (1988-1998)
Dominique Ferriot and Bruno Jacomy

Museums, Communities, and Contemporary Science
Alan J. Friedman

The Level of Complexity: The Middle Way Between the Superficial and the Repellent

Beyond Understanding: Curatorship and Access in Science Museums
Dr. James A. Bennett

Object Lessons
Simon Schaffer

Experimental History of Science
H. Otto Sibum

Fact and Fancy: Art in the Presentation of Science
Ken Arnold

Virtual Museums: The Challenges of New Technology.

New Technologies and the Objects of Science:
Reflections on the Use of Multimedia
Paolo Galluzzi

From Hands-On to Minds-On: Creativity in Science Museums
Saroj Ghose

In Favor of Scientific Knowledge
Jorge Wagensberg

Virtual Objects: Threat or Salvation?
Doron Swade

Controversial Science Issues: Neither Apologetic Glorification nor “the Science War.”

Context and Controversy
Bernard S. Finn

The Power of the Pencil: Renegotiating the Museum-Visitor Relationship Through Discussion Exhibits
Ben Gammon and Xerxes Mazda

“A-OK” to Y2K: Technological Confidence and History
at the End of the Twentieth Century
Robert Friedel

Communication and Communities: Changing Paradigms: Changing Paradigms in Museum Pedagogy
Eilean Hooper-Greenhill

Concluding Remarks
John L. Heilbron

Notes on Contributors and Index of Names

Nobel Symposium 112
Archives of the Nobel Museum 1

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