Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates
Centennial Edition, An Illustrated Biographical History,1901–2001
Second printing with minor additions
March 2012, 368 pp., paperback, illustrated, 978-0-88135-457-7, $35.00

Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates

The centennial edition of the book first published in 1988, now extensively revised and updated to include all the recent recipients, concluding with the award to Kofi Annan and the United Nations in 2001. Part One deals with Alfred Nobel and the establishment of the prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee and the how the prize was transformed from Nobel’s expectations, followed by bibliographical notes about the prize in general. Part Two discusses all the laureates, each with the official picture and a bibliography including source and secondary writings. Many of the entries are based upon personal experiences of the author, who has met and interviewed many of the individual prize winners and attended numerous award ceremonies in Oslo.


“A centennial edition of this wonderful reference work is most appropriate. It provides a biography with bibliographic references (and a photograph) of each individual winner of the Nobel Peace Prize from its inception in 1901 through the 2001 award…The introductory material and all the biographical entries are concise, well-written, meet high academic standards, and are enjoyable as well. ”—CHOICE

“Irwin Abrams is the leading authority world-wide on the history of the Nobel Peace Prize. This book shows why.”—Geir Lundestad, Director, The Norwegian Nobel Institute