The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 2
November 1832–December 1835, The Princeton Years

Editor: Nathan Reingold
Assistant Editors: Arthur P. Molella and Michele L. Aldrich
with the assistance of James M. Hobbins and Kathleen Waldenfels

1975, 524 pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-87474-164-5, $30.00

The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 2

Volume 2, The Princeton Years: November 1832-December 1835 (Washington, 1975: ISBN 0-87474-164-5) concerns Henry’s adjustment to a small college town and his attempts to develop a first-rate facility for teaching and research in the physical sciences. It details his excursions to New York City and Philadelphia in search of scientific apparatus and scientific fellowship, and reveals the beginnings of his lifelong friendships with leading scientists in the latter city, where he became active in the American Philosophical Society and the Franklin Institute.

The volume contains many selections from Henry’s “Record of Experiments” (the title of his laboratory notebooks), which together with his correspondence give insight into his pioneering work on electromagnetic self-induction and his construction of electromagnets and other equipment needed to pursue his researches. The entry containing this sketch (left) reads: “The current passed through a galvanic magnet no increased effect perceived in the spark–current passed in the opposite direction no increased effect.”


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Sketch in entry May 11, 1835,
“Record of Experiments.”
Smithsonian Archives.

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