The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 3
January 1836–December 1837, The Princeton Years

Editor: Nathan Reingold
Associate Editor: Arthur P. Molella
Assistant Editor: Marc Rothenberg
Staff Historian: Kathleen Waldenfels
Research Assistant: Joel N. Bodansky

1979, 585 pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-87474-174-2, $30.00

The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 3

Volume 3, The Princeton Years: January 1836-December 1837 (Washington, 1979: ISBN 0-87474-174-2) focuses on Henry’s travels to the principal scientific centers of Great Britain and France. During his stay, Henry attended lectures at technical societies, and toured lighthouses, harborworks, and railroad facilities. His diary entries contain appraisals of such European luminaries as J. L. Gay-Lussac, Mary Somerville, Charles Wheatstone, Charles Babbage, and Michael Faraday, and reveal his interest in the way European industry and commerce made use of scientific findings. He also comments on manners and morals, especially in London and Paris. His reactions to the European experience betray a tension between admiration for European advances and a competitive desire for Americans to catch up scientifically and technologically.


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Faraday, ca. 1849, lithograph by W. Bosley from A. F. J. Claudet daguerreotype. Smithsonian Archives.

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