The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 5
January 1841–December 1843, The Princeton Years

Editor: Nathan Reingold
Associate Editor: Kathleen W. Dorman
Assistant Editor: Paul H. Theerman with the assistance of Arthur P. Molella and Joan F. Steiner

1985, 506 pp., illustrated, ISBN 0-87474-793-7, $50.00

The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 5

Volume 5, The Princeton Years: January 1841-December 1843 (Washington, 1985: ISBN 0-87474-793-7) provides a detailed picture of Henry’s daily life as a college professor and leader of the American scientific community: teaching, experimenting, presenting his results to his peers, and lecturing to the public. In addition to continuing his research on electromagnetism, he investigated such phenomena as thermoelectricity, capillarity, phosphorescence, and optical polarization. Applying his knowledge to practical problems, he advised Samuel F. B. Morse during the development of the Morse telegraph, and responded to inquiries about the best forms of lightning rods. The sketch to the left from an entry in “Record of Experiments” headed “Induction from a thunder cloud,” reads “I connected by soldering a copper wire (bell size) to the tin roof of our house and passed the lower extremity into the water of the well.”

The volume also details Henry’s role in the choice of Alexander Dallas Bache as head of the U.S. Coast Survey.


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Entry June 10, 1842.

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