The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 6
January 1844–December 1846, The Princeton Years

Editor: Marc Rothenberg
Assistant Editor: Kathleen W. Dorman
Assistant Editor: John C. Rumm
Assistant Editor: Paul H. Theerman

1992, 662 pp., illustrated, ISBN 1-56098-112-1, $50.00

The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 6

Volume 6, The Princeton Years: January 1844-December 1846 (Washington, 1992: ISBN 1-56098-112-1) further develops the theme of Henry as a consultant on technological problems of his day. He provided expert advice on the acoustics of public buildings, the protection of buildings from lightning, the electromagnetic telegraph, and Colt’s submarine battery. He also chaired the Franklin Institute committee that investigated the causes of the explosion of Robert Stockton’s experimental gun, the “Peacemaker.”

The volume contains the final major installments of Henry’s personal scientific research, and includes a student’s perspective on Henry’s teaching through the diary of John R. Buhler. The volume also documents the campaign led by Alexander Dallas Bache to elect Henry as the first secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.


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Sketch of syphon Henry built to measure force of tension in a soap bubble. From entry April 22, 1844.

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