The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 8
January 1850–Decenber 1853, The Smithsonian Years

Editor: Marc Rothenberg
Assistant Editor: Kathleen W. Dorman
Historian: Deborah Y. Jeffries
Historian: Frank R. Millikan

1998, 496 pp., illustrated, ISBN 1-56098-891-6, $60.00

The Papers of Joseph Henry: Volume 8

Volume 8, The Smithsonian Years: January 1850-December 1853 (Washington, 1998: ISBN 1-56098-891-6) reveals a difficult period in Henry’s life. During these years, he suffered constant personal and financial woes, clashed with subordinates, and faced significant public criticism of his leadership. When Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois attacked the Smithsonian for its preoccupation with research of “no practical bearing,” such as studies of “sea weeds and such trash,” Henry mounted a vigorous and eloquent defense of basic research. To ensure the Smithsonian’s adherence to what Henry saw as its central mission, he remained at the institution despite the criticism and despite offers of prestigious positions at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Virginia, and the College of New Jersey at Princeton.

The volume records several milestones in the Smithsonian’s history. The first was Henry’s hiring of assistant secretary Spencer Baird, who energetically expanded the institution’s collections of animal, plant, mineral, and fossil specimens. Also during this period, Henry established a system with institutions abroad for the exchange of publications in the biological and physical sciences, ethnology, archaeology, and paleontology. The international exchange program became a fundamental Smithsonian enterprise for more than a century. In addition, Henry began to campaign to place scientific research, publishing, and a meteorological observation network ahead of museum and library collections in terms of funding priorities.


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Douglas, engraving by A. B. Walter. Smithsonian Archives.

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