The Persisting Osler IV
Selected Transactions of the American Osler Society, 2001—2010

edited by Jeremiah A. Barondess and Charles S. Bryan

November 2011, 368 pp., clothbound, illustrated, 978-0-88135-452-2, $60.00

The Persisting Osler IV


From the review of earlier volumes—

“…All physicians owe gratitude to the editors and contributors of this series for their persistence in producing three volumes aimed at introducing Osler to the wider audience that he deserves and medicine sorely needs.” —Bull. Hist. Med., 2003, 77

Table of Contents



SECTION I: Johns Hopkins Personalia

  • Raising the Bar: Mary Elizabeth Garrett, M. Carey Thomas, and the Johns Hopkins Medical School
  • The Complex Bond between the University of Michigan and the Success of the New Johns Hopkins Medical School
  • John Jacob Abel: A Pioneer in the Heart of Medicine
  • William Sydney Thayer, the Bard of Johns Hopkins
  • The Whipple–Osler Connection
  • Joseph Hersey Pratt, M.D.: The Man Who Would Be Osler
  • Max Brödel: The Man Who Almost Got Away
  • H. L. Mencken and the Hopkins Quadrumvirate: Osler, Halsted, Welch, and Kelly

SECTION II: Clinical Matters

  • Osler and the Infected Letter: A History of Disinfecting Mail with Special Reference to Smallpox
  • The Environment of Osler’s Writings on Endocarditis
  • Osler’s Service: A View of the Charts
  • William Osler’s Study of the Act of Dying: An Analysis of the Original Data
  • Dropped Beat: Sir William Osler’s Tenuous Embrace of the Electrocardiogram
  • Aequanimitas Redux: William Osler on Detached Concern versus Humanistic Empathy

SECTION III: Osler qua Osler

  • Six Letters from the Oslers to an American Student at Oxford
  • The Last Latchkeyer: The Tragedy of John Fulton
  • The Reserves of Life: William Osler versus Almroth Wright
  • “Someday a Very Interesting Story to Tell”: William Osler and the Tomb of Avicenna
  • “Tell Brother Regius. . .” Clifford Allbutt’s Correspondence with Archibald Malloch during Osler’s Final Illness
  • Oslerized: A Musical Response to William Osler’s Valedictory Address “The Fixed Period”
  • Sir William Osler’s “Astral Self”: Origins of the Osler Niche in the Osler Library
  • The Osler Societies: A Qualitative and Quantitative Portrait

SECTION IV: Ethical Issues

  • Osler and Medical Ethics
  • William Beaumont, M.D. and the Ethics of Research
  • A Leg to Stand On: Sir William Osler and Wilder Penfield’s “Neuroethics”
  • The Sacred Cord, Antivivisectionism, and the Ethics of Human Subjects Research
  • Sins of our Fathers: Two of “The Four Doctors” and their Roles in the Development of Techniques to Permit Covert Autopsies
  • SECTION V: Miscellanea
  • Samuel Wilks: The “Grand Old Man” of British Medicine
  • Leonard Wood: Physician, Soldier, and Pioneer of American Imperialism
  • An Appreciation of Irony in the Medical Writings of William Osler
  • Osler and Doctor Thorne: The Other Trollope Novel
  • “Silent Workers of the Ranks”: Oslerian Medicine in Early Montana
  • Pellagra, Progress, and Public Polemics: Joseph Goldberger, E.J. Wood, and the Osler Connection