Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, and the New England Medical Scene, 1894-1944

George E. Gifford, Jr., editor

1978, xxiii+438pp.pp, Illus., ISBN 0-88135-169.9 L/C 77-22378, $40

Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, and the New England Medical Scene, 1894-1944

Unique as the only occasion on which social historians, intellectual historians, historians of psychology and psychiatry, and a number of those who participated in making that history met to focus upon the development of American psychiatry in a particular region during a specific era, the experiences recounted in this volume portray a microcosm of American psychiatry during that period. Its historical significance is further enhanced by the contributions of the pioneer psychoanalysts present, their different perspectives, attitudes, and training. Includes many rare photographs. Contributors: Daniel Aaron, Barbara Ross, Dorothy Ross, David Shakow, Henri F. Ellenberger, Julius Silberger, Jr., Sanford Gifford, Norman Dain, Benjamin C. Riggs, Milton Greenblatt, Egerton McC. Howard, George E. Gardner, Paul G. Myerson, George E. Gifford, Jr., John C. Burnham, Robert H. Sharpley, Barbara Sicherman, Otto Marx, Nathan G. Hales, Jr., Eunice F. Allan


“Even 20 years after its initial publication, George Gifford’s collection of highly original essays… remains the most complete, broadly focussed, and insightful overview of its topic yet available” –Michael M. Sokal, Professor of History, WPI; Editor, HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY