Savant Relics
Brains and Remains of Scientists

Marco Beretta, Maria Conforti, and Paolo Mazzarello, editors

xi+236 pp. illustrated, 978-88135-235-7, $56.00

Savant Relics

Table of Contents

Introduction vii by Maria Conforti


Heroes, Martyrs and Saints
The Perilous Fate of Savant Relics 1

Marco Beretta


Healing Tombs and Remains of Ancient Physicians and Natural Philosophers Between the Greek and the Arabic Tradition 43

Matteo Martelli


From Banned Mortal Remains to the Worshipped Relic of a Martyr of Science
Vincenzo Viviani and the Birth of Galileo’s Mythography 67

Stefano Gattei


Saint Isaac

Newtonian Hagiography and the Creation of Genius 93

Rob Iliffe


Pavia’s Relics of Notable Scientists

A Journey between Science and Scientific Mythology 133

Valentina Cani


Science, Memory and Relics in Britain 157

Ludmilla Jordanova


The Relics of Two 19th-Century Scientists

Carlo Giacomini and Cesare Lombroso 183

Silvano Montaldo


The Historian, the Scientist and the Fetishist

Ending Provocations 201

Francesco Paolo de Ceglia

Index of Names 225

Notes on Contributors 235