Sidereus Nuncius & Stella Polaris
The Scientific Relations between Italy and Sweden in Early Modern History

Marco Beretta & Tore Frängsmyr, editors

iv + 168pp, Illus., ISBN 0-88135-188-1 L/C 96-38088, $39.95

Sidereus Nuncius & Stella Polaris

Table of Contents

Galileo in Sweden: Legend and Reality
Marco Beretta

Christina’s Patronage of Italian Science: A Study of Her Academies and of the Dedicatory Epistles to the Queen
Antonio Clericuzio and Maria Conforti

Cesare Macchiati, Queen Chritina’s First Italian Physician: The Hamburg Letters
Marie-Louise Rodén

Ulisse Aldrovandi as a Source of Olof Rudbeck’s Book of Birds
Allan Ellenius

Sweden in the Travel Journals of Lorenzo Magalotti and Francesco Negri
Giuseppe Olmi

Swedish Science in Bologna During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Marta Cavazza

Swedenborg and Italian Science
Inge Jonsson

Italian Sources in Linnaeus’s Scientific Works
Gunnar Broberg

Linnaeus and Italian Culture
Ferdinando Abbri

Professor Celsius and Don Andrea: North-South Dynamics in the Early Enlightenment
Sven Widmalm

Swedish and Italian Geology in the Eighteenth Century
Rore Frängsmyr

The abbé Domenico Michelessi in Sweden
Antonella Alimento

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