Taking Place
The Spacial Contexts of Science, Technology and Business

Enrico Baraldi, Hjalmar Fors, Anders Houltz, editors

2006, xxi+401 pp., illustrated, cloth bound and jacketed, ISBN 0-88135-252-7, $49.95

Taking Place

Taking Place deals with places shaped by interactions of science, technology, and industry. It treats place as an essential factor for understanding municipalities, companies, scientists, and scientific institutions. It discusses, by means of historical and contemporary examples, the embodiment of ideas and power relationships in architectural structures, and how the creation of organized places can create or reverse the flow of people, ideas, wealth and commodities.

Taking Place casts a new light on the complexities inherent in the interplay between science, technology, and industry; and on how they are embedded in society.


“…not for the light reader, but for the college-level student of either science or business who wants to understand the relationships between businesses, scientific pursuit, and the organization of ideas. Not only are interplays between scientific and business processes analyzed, but their relationships to and effects on society are also examined.” California Bookwatch