Technology & Industry
A Nordic Heritage

Jan Hult and Bengt Nyström, eds.

1992, xiii+218pp, Illus., ISBN 0-88135-151-2 L/C 92-13610, $38

Technology & Industry

The four nordic countries-Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden-although different in character share a common history. During some period two or three of them were joined politically. Today, they are all independent states but with close economic and cultural ties. They are modern, industrialized countries, depending to an ever-increasing degree on ties to the rest of the world. This volume presents brief historical surveys, country by country, from which differences and similarities may be grasped. The surveys were all written specifically for this volume and are therefore necessarily limited. Each reflects the author’s particular interests and are not meant to be comprehensive. Rather they should be read as attempts to sketch brief national histories of technology. Furthermore the volume will acquaint readers with the continuing efforts to preserve industrial heritage in the four countries. A unique introduction to the history of technology and historical preservation in northern Europe.

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