The Transformation of Pediatrics
How a Pediatric Department and Its Residency Influenced American Pediatrics
A 125 Year History (1882-2017)

Frederick H. Lovejoy, Jr., MD

November 2015 xxii+426 pp. Illustrated, 6 x 9, pb, ISBN 978-0-88135-499-7, $37.50

The Transformation of Pediatrics

FROM a 20 bed brick townhouse in ­Boston’s South End founded in 1869 to provide care for the children of Boston, the Children’s Hospital has grown to become one of the largest and most distinguished pediatric institutions in the world. A major affiliate of the Harvard Medical School, for over 145 years it has with single-minded purpose pursued excellence in its three core missions: patient care, research, and teaching. The author relates how the hospital and medical school’s mission and culture informed and focused the aspirations and goals of its faculty and trainees.

Medical residency is one of the most formative and impactful periods in a physician’s life. Lovejoy captures the noble purpose, the triumphs and disappointments, the self-doubts, and poignantly the nostalgic memories of the residency years. The influence of its graduates on American pediatrics affirms the hospital’s and its physician’s abiding commitment to the best care for sick children throughout the country and the world.