Initially one of several imprints of Neale Watson Academic Publications, Inc., 234 East 19th Street, subsequently 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, Science History Publications owes much of its creation to the counsel and encouragement provided by Derek J. de Solla Price, Wilson L. Scott, Michael Hoskins, Owen Gingerich, I. Bernard Cohen, and Allen Debus, among others. The first title to appear was a small paperback entitled: The Influence of Early Enlighten-ment Thought upon German Classical Science and Letters edited by  Ronald Calinger.  This was followed shortly thereafter by a two volume slip-cased set, Science, Medicine and Society in the Renaissance, Essays to honor Walter Pagel , edited by Allen G. Debus. Both published in 1972.

The company owes a considerable debt of gratitude for its early survival and expansion to joint venture publishing and distribution with a number of well established UK publishing houses, including Heinemann Educational Books, Macmillan UK, Thames and Hudson, and Dawson Books.  Furthermore, projects with foundations and academic institutions contributed to fiscal stability. Many of these volumes appeared under the PRODIST imprint and include the creation and marketing of the journal Health & Society as well as both clothbound and paperback volumes for the Milbank Memorial Fund; a series, Resources in Medical History, in partnership with the National Library of Medicine (NIH), and a multi-volume paperback series for the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health.

Most recently, SHP/USA completed publication of The Papers of Joseph Henry, volumes 9—12, in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution Archives. The series begun by Nathan Reingold as first editor in 1972 and completed by Marc Rothenberg is recipient of many awards.

All outstanding shares in Neale Watson Academic Publications, Inc. were acquired by Mr. Neale Wheeler Watson and the company name changed to Watson Publishing International, a sole proprietorship. During the economic turmoil of the early 1980’s, the company relocated to Nantucket Island and slowly reinvented itself. During this period the number of international projects grew as did the company’s liaison with major European academic institutions. Many friends, colleagues, and authors must be thanked for making this marriage a success.

In 2001 the company relocated to is present address overlooking the Cape Cod Canal. Several initials were added. Watson Publishing International LLC is represented by Mr. David L. Silvian at Bingham McCutchen LLP.