The Migration of Ideas

The Migration of Ideas

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Scazzieri, Roberto, and Raffaella Simili, eds., 2008, 254pp., cloth bound and jacketed

Ideas migrate across time and space, sometimes in conjunction with the migration of people and sometimes independently of it. The migration of ideas from one context to another is a central aspect of communication among scholars and scientists. It is one of the most important features of cultural, intellectual and scientific history. It is also an important feature in the history of institutions, organizations and technology. This volume considers the migration of ideas in conjunction with the migration of scientists and scholars, and examines the critical role of political upheavals and major wars in that connection.

Contributors include: Mitchell Ash, Giovanni Battimelli, Maria Carla Galavotti, Paolo Galluzzi, Susanne Lachenicht, Nicholas Mann, Adrian Pabst, Giovanni Paoloni, Roberto Scazzieri, Raffaella Simili, Friederich Stadler, Gareth Stedman Jones, Walter Tega

“ . . . As Nicholas Mann writes, one might feel ‘a certain unease at the very notion of tracing the migration of something as evanescent as an idea.’ This is solved by ‘concentrating on the people who migrated with their ideas, and in particular on the institutional frameworks within which those ideas were developed, and modified.’ These foci keep the essays grounded, from the encyclopedia movements of the 18th century to modern digital archives. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper division undergraduate through professional collections.” —CHOICE, 2009 (March)